As an "idea" it became a company

Patricio Marcoleta, CEO at Grupo SoftCapture
Patricio Marcoleta, CEO at Grupo SoftCapture

Patricio Marcoleta, CEO at Grupo SoftCapture

To think of SoftCapture is to remember the genesis, how much an "Idea" was, more than 21 years ago. 

We went from less to more, working long hours, trying to adapt this "IDEA" to the current situation, obviously the products and services that we market today are totally different from what we started ... . We have evolution, yes evolved, but for good.

Before we delivered only an automatic capture service through OCR and ICR with large infrastructures of machines (hardware) to make small processes, but all that change, with the passage of time everything has been synthesized and made somehow easier and today we are dedicated to the processes of companies, where a workflow no matter how simple it may seem is of great contribution for different companies,  that added to our document manager, becomes a great tool for both control and management of documents, which leads to a better decision making    in the company.

Our solutions can be installed from a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the company; we generally integrate with any type of installation that our customers have.

The simplest facilities generally have high expectations for our customers, the only bad thing that this becomes a real "Sweet" for our customers because knowing and managing our solutions they begin to "entice" and ask for more than they had budgeted in the beginning, so something simple ends up being something more complex.

When they ask us for an approval WF workflow of few approval levels and realize how friendly it is, they ask us for more things  (I always complain about this)  because it means that the project grew, and when they realize the potentialities that our DMS document manager has where  not only save documents that come from our solution but from countless sources,  they are amazed, because with a single solution  they have the complete traceability of the company and that just by typing for example the EIN they will have all the background of the transactions or history of that EIN.

Our focus is not on large companies, these companies have many suppliers that serve them, we aspire to support those who really move our country, which are small and medium enterprises, they are the ones who need these tools to grow.   Now the challenge is greater, because the diversity of origin of the companies is so great, there are Latin, European, Asian, mixed and all of them have a different structure of operations; that is where we apply the different modality of work: "SoftCapture human  advice" is meant:  Reunite with the client: Listen to your "ailment"; To present him with all sincerity a technical solution, if any; Accompany you throughout the process...... .  It is exhausting, however, we have a lot of satisfaction, because behind that small company there are trying to take that "idea" forward, in the same way as we once did.

As our vision says "The research of new technologies, software to incorporate them into the development and implementation of IT solutions and services for all companies that require it. "We have done it for the past 20 years and we will continue to do so, we think that technology is for everyone, and we must share it at reasonable prices so that it is available to everyone.  Believe me it is not an easy task!