20 Most Promising Workflow Solution Companies - 2021

20 Most Promising Workflow Solution Companies - 2021

Top Workflow Solution Companies

Arizona-based firm, Cerebrum offers workflow automation software solutions to pathology practices that help them increase productivity, streamline workflow, avoid errors, and ensure compliance with stringent regulations. The company has designed a cloud-based solution, LABdivus, which tracks specimens accurately throughout the testing process—from accessioning to reporting. It helps pathologists prevent errors, improve productivity, and reduce turnaround time. By leveraging this software, pathology practices can also keep track of individuals’ activities involved in the testing process to ensure they work as per HIPAA guidelines

Grass Valley’s end-to-end ecosystem of reliable, open standards-based solutions enables content creators, broadcasters, and media organizations to produce compelling content. The comprehensive suite of solutions helps clients bring viewers closer to the action, engages them with the story, and connects them with each other. The company is currently on a journey of transforming into a cloud-based software-centric company that helps clients meet the dynamic demands of the broadcasting media landscape. Grass Valley is not only enhancing its product portfolio but also how it conducts business along with the skillsets of its associates to ensure that operations are running efficiently

Perceptive Solutions has developed an AI driven 3D imaging and an electronic medical record platform designed to enhance clinical productivity and drive increased patient outcomes. The company’s digital wound management solution consists of a wound centric EMR, 3D non-contact imaging providing automated wound measurement, clinical documentation tools and reporting, enabling healthcare providers to manage patients more effectively through the wound healing process

TractManager empowers the unsung heroes who make healthcare organizations run, with insights and technology to make smarter decisions. From improved sourcing decisions, to compliant contract lifecycle management, to NCQA-accredited credentialing, and provider management, they help people run their healthcare organizations at peak efficiency. The Company offers strategic sourcing data, contract lifecycle management, and advisory services. TractManager serves hospitals globally