Top 20 Workflow Management Solution Companies - 2016

Workflow Management Systems (WMS) today are allowing organizations to streamline the complex business operations while providing the opportunity to measure and analyze the seamless execution of processes along with the ability to make continuous improvements.

Most WMS can seamlessly integrate with other systems such as document management systems, databases, e-mail, office automation products, GIS, and production applications. This integration is offering 'structure' to processes, which otherwise employs a number of independent systems.

Companies that offer WMS are assisting enterprises and their inside departments achieve the organizational changes necessary to operate effectively in today’s world. These changes might include the move to a flatter organizational structure and greater team orientation. With managed workflow, organizations will find advantage in a defined or controlled process as well as profit from the integration of processes across coordinated systems.

To help organizations find the right workflow solution that suits their business needs, in this edition of CIO Review, we present the 20 most promising Workflow Management Solution Providers. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, analysts and CIO Review's editorial board have selected the top players from the competitive field of Workflow Management Solutions. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you and how will they assist you in optimizing the workflows.

    Top Workflow Management Solution Companies

  • 1

    Esign Inc. is an officially registered certificate authority that provides a variety of digital certificate-based solutions

  • 2

    Builds solutions for healthcare providers, committed to improve their workflow efficiency of their organization

  • 3

    Provider of collaborative workflow platforms and services

  • 4

    Provides actively developed PDF library that empowers millions of developers to embed rich PDF functionality into websites or business applications programmatically

  • 5

    Helps companies to effectively integrate automated workflows and processes and overcome ERP system limitations

  • 6

    Delivers integrated workflow solutions, from simple to complex, that perfectly address the needs of business users, developers, and IT professionals

  • 7

    PerfectForms is a web-based application development platform that enables both IT professionals and business users to create workflow applications without writing any code

  • 8

    Transforms business processes through a Modern Business Transformation approach using workflow management solutions

  • 9

    Provides rounding solutions to improve safety, regulatory compliance, and patient satisfaction

  • 10

    Provides a new breed of mobile workflow management software designed to help companies rapidly create and deploy custom applications that streamline their critical operational workflows

  • 11

    Provides proven business processing, workflow and document management for financial services businesses

  • 12

    BMC Software

    BMC Software

    Develops software solutions that help IT transform traditional businesses into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage

  • 13



    A global enterprise software company delivering innovative business operations management solutions to enable performance and efficiency optimization

  • 14



    Creates web-based platform that automates how organizatiopns request, order and pay for event services, delivering increased transparency, significant efficiencies in the billing and reconciliation process, and improving compliance and control

  • 15

    IO Integration

    IO Integration

    Provides technologies and best practices that help companies control their assets, automate their workflows, and assist their customers wherever they are

  • 16

    Kinetic Data

    Kinetic Data

    Creates business process software that help customers by transforming both the organization and the people who work there

  • 17

    kintone Corporation

    kintone Corporation

    Develops an agile, cloud-based, no-coding required business application development and deployment platform

  • 18

    Mitchell International

    Mitchell International

    Simplifies and accelerates claims management and collision repair processes through the broadest range of technology solutions, networks, and partners

  • 19



    Delivers intelligent file movement software that helps the world’s top content creators and distributors ensure fast, secure delivery of large files over public and private networks

  • 20



    Helps businesses of every size to run more efficiently, using cloud technology to improve processes like AP automation, procurement, supplier management and working capital optimization