Computhink: Contentverses Intelligent Workflow Leverages the ECM's Vast Feature Set

Digital environments and streamlining of business processes continue to evolve at a breakneck pace with data cascading in from everywhere and from every type of device. The need to automatically funnel, control, and manage this information effectively is the foundation of a successful and thriving operation. To effectively process data, organizations must innovate and take advantage of the latest technology and best practices. Meeting and exceeding the driving forces that are redefining business process management this year and for the foreseeable future, Computhink’s Contentverse 2019 offers a new array of user access options and experiences.

Featuring new intuitive interfaces, enhanced processing, and security capabilities, this latest version of the Contentverse Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution also brings greater deployment flexibility in the “Contentverse Cloud”, “Contentverse On- Prem”, along with other hybrid options. The solution’s intelligent workflow enables information processing at a very affordable price. Contentverse includes multiple user access options, together with integrations for key operational applications. After deployment, customers experience accelerated proficiency with minimal impact to ongoing operations.

Intelligent Workflow and Business Critical Integrations

Mission critical applications including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and SAP are imperative for organizations’ daily operations. Integration with these apps is something many offices lack, and Contentverse resolves this. Microsoft Office integration is included as standard, while for non-standard applications, integration is quick and easy using Computhink’s comprehensive array of APIs, which makes documents readily available with the target applications.

After inputting documents from third party integrated applications or via the myriad input avenues, processing documents requires accessible workflow management. Contentverse comes fully equipped with a rules-based workflow, designed to imitate, automate, and accelerate everyday business processes. Documents of any format can be easily put into the Contentverse system, where they are highly searchable and made accessible for collaboration. The software allows retrieval of files quickly by an extremely flexible set of search options and also supports automatic version control and date/time stamping, enabling access to all chronological renditions.

Process Documents Anywhere, Anytime

The increasing trend away from desk-bound business interactions necessitates immediate processing capabilities carried out anywhere and on any device. Contentverse gives users that ability to access their documents anywhere, and at any time, from an array of Android and iOS Apps, as well as web-based and desktop clients. With this combination, users never have to be far from their secure data. “In areas that have no or very limited internet coverage we provide the ability to take documents offline and then re-sync when connectivity is available again,” adds Joseph Wharram, President, Computhink.

Contentverse has allowed Uniontown, Ohio Area Agency on Aging to have immediate access to documents, making it as easy as hitting a search function on any device. Additionally, with the Contentverse mobile app, documents such as expense reports or signed contracts can be added to the system while on the go. This wide array of access options remains a part of Computhink’s commitment to operational flexibility within a fully secure business environment.

Contentverse 2019 offers unique and forward-thinking deployment options, with quick and easy configuration to implement solutions in on-premise, hosted, or hybrid environments. This flexibility supports the current trend where the security benefits are at the forefront, with organizations looking to use the convenience of a cloud service complemented with the peace of mind of keeping all sensitive information secured on local “on-premise” storage. What’s more, a Contentverse system can incorporate named users, concurrent users, or a mixture of both.
“For the enterprise web access clients,, we have expanded the browser support to become platform independent,” says Wharram.

What’s more, a Contentverse system can incorporate named users, concurrent users, or a mixture of both. “For the enterprise web access clients,, we have expanded the browser support to become platform independent, says Wharram.”

Comprehensive Security of Workflows and Data

Secure document processes and adherence to a wide array of stringent regulatory requirements are concerns for any organization. Contentverse solutions have comprehensive security built-in throughout, using encryption for documents in transit and at rest. Leveraging the Net Operating System’s Users and Groups document permissions, layers of security enable administrators to have complete control over not only who gets access, but what they can and cannot do once access is granted. SSL encryption can be incorporated for web client options.

Content Sentinel is Computhink’s new password secured email link feature with access expiring deadlines, offering secure document sharing while retaining complete control to those outside the organization. This feature significantly reduces the risks associated with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). “Contentverse includes highly granular security, ensuring that all documents are kept out of the wrong hands while maintaining viability for auditing, compliance, or litigation purposes. It even provides real-time automated notifications of actions and optional digital signature solutions,” states Wharram.

Effortless Automated Usability and Processing for Big Data Analysis

Administrators and users find Contentverse simple to adopt and easy to incorporate into, and streamline, existing business processes. Documents can be scanned, electronically saved, drag-and-dropped, or generated by third party applications, in any format, and saved into Contentverse where they are easily found and made accessible for collaboration. Contentverse even enables high-speed production capture as part of a documentation process. The intelligent filing and classification options provide enormous productivity when implemented strategically.

Furthermore, with the intelligent workflow capabilities standard in Contentverse, inputs can be automatically compiled and passed along to the appropriate business process for further processing. Expediting and streamlining these processes passes the efficiency onto your data analysis operations, saving your organization time and money.

Customer Needs and Innovation Come First

With 26 years of experience, Computhink consistently evolves and delivers market solutions to solve real life challenges. Their diverse team comprises creative, experienced minds dedicated to developing outstanding enterprise software. Wharram concludes, “Content management’s transition to incorporate new intelligent operational and self-processing concepts will completely change the way we work. Computhink will continue to evaluate new technologies like AI and Blockchain to enhance and expand our business solutions, growing our digital solution offerings around customer needs, and leveraging the latest technological advances.”


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