PerfectForms: Optimized Operations through Customized Workflows

Paula Selvidge, President & CEO
Modern day organizations are looking to replace their manual, outdated, and paper intensive processes with a more robust and automated approach. However, the IT departments of a majority of the firms are already busy in designing their current projects/solutions, and find it difficult to automate and manage the existing business processes. In such hectic situations, PerfectForms’ workflow management software helps a wide variety of organizations around the world, in successfully streamlining all aspects of their workflow processes. The company offers a complete solution for workflow process management, facilitating web form design, automation, data capture, real-time reporting, and integration with existing systems. “We serve a diverse customer base with a simple web-based workflow software platform,” begins Paula Selvidge, CEO, PerfectForms. “Since 2001, many organizations over the world have used PerfectForms’ software to automate their forms and workflows.”

Carlsbad, CA based PerfectForms develops a web-based application development platform that enables both IT professionals and business users to create workflow applications. With PerfectForms, organizations can simply drag and drop objects to design the user interface, define form behaviors, map the workflow and build reports, with no coding required. The HTML forms and workflow applications can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, and the associated data collected can be accessed through real-time, powerful reports. “Our customers save thousands of dollars annually, reduce case reporting error by 500 percent, and even automate their entire departments, going completely paperless in less than two weeks,” says Paula.

PerfectForms automates workflows for departments such as human resources, finance, operations, sales, and IT, which ensures compliance and efficiency for critical business processes. With PerfectForms’ HTML forms, organizations can build informative drill down reports that offer real-time data to drive decision making based on all the data collected.

We serve a diverse customer base with a simple web-based workflow software platform

Data across multiple forms or workflow applications can be summarized in a single report that gives organizations full visibility into their workflow processes. Also, using the form creating software, PerfectForms enables firms to extend their legacy systems by taking over those systems that can’t manage workflows without reducing costs and development efforts.

In one instance, one of PerfectForms’ clients, the Houston Community College (HCC) wanted to create new workflows and eliminate paper-based processes to save time and additional costs. Using PerfectForms, Allison was able to quickly digitize several forms and associated processes, including budget adjustment request forms used by executive management. HCC automated the workflow around the processes, notifying the requestor of form status in order to determine exactly where manual intervention was needed. Thus, expediting the processes and significantly decreasing time to approval. “Digitizing our paper forms with the PerfectForms’ assistance enabled us to examine the business processes associated with each form. PerfectForms also helped us to automate our workflows, resulting in tremendous time and cost savings,” says Belinda Allison, Web Services Manager of Houston Community College.

Colleges, healthcare providers, and insurance companies are just a few of many businesses that have simplified, streamlined, and automated their forms and workflows quickly using PerfectForms. The company will continue to empower organizations, large and small, to rapidly automate online forms and workflow processes. “From a single on-demand license to large on-premise enterprise roll-outs, from small business owners to CIOs of large IT departments, we are focused on serving a diverse customer base with our simple, yet powerful web-based workflow management platform,” concludes Paula.


Carlsbad, CA

Paula Selvidge, President & CEO

PerfectForms is a web-based application development platform that enables both IT professionals and business users to create workflow applications without writing any code