Nintex: Driving Digital Transformation with Workflow Automation

John Burton, CEO
Enterprises today are re-thinking and reimagining their business process management initiatives by leveraging the workflow functionality offered by advanced tools such as SharePoint and Office 365. Workflow automation has allowed organizations to establish a clear line of communication between employees and the management in addition to cost-effectively bringing consistency and efficiency to processes. The availability of a unified, streamlined, and iterative process in a single dashboard view has made it quite plain sailing for enterprises to have enhanced insights into their centralized data. “I hear how fast someone can build a workflow and how captivating it is when you see the result,” extols John Burton, CEO, Nintex.

Founded with the vision to revolutionize the way businesses worldwide automate workflow processes, Bellevue, WA-based Nintex engages millions of users worldwide and caters to customers across five continents. Originally developed to build workflows in SharePoint, the scope of Nintex software suite gradually extended to Office 365 with the proliferation of cloud technology. Nintex’s workflow platform enables enterprises to automate business processes by connecting their on-premise systems, cloud workflows, and mobile users. According to Nintex’s customers, creating workflows with Nintex is an effortless task—‘easy to start and hard to stop’ with one of the customers even naming this, ‘Nintexing.’

Catering to the expectations of their customers for a robust custom forms product, Nintex Forms was launched as a front-end workflow solution which in combination with Nintex Workflow helps build and customize forms in a lucid point-and-click format. Apart from offering secure access to forms and processes irrespective of the place or device it is being accessed from, the solution redefines traditional workflows. Aiding customers with overcoming their design-related glitches that often affect application performance, Nintex Workflow allows users to build and deploy business targeted applications that can be either department or process specific.

Additionally, the Nintex Hawkeye Workflow Analytics solution offers customers an unprecedented view into their process portfolio across the entire Nintex Workflow platform.

It is easy to build powerful software but it is very hard to make powerful software easy

Nintex Hawkeye plays an instrumental role in enabling customers to understand the scale of their workflows, helping them make informed decisions regarding deployment and migration of workflows, analyzing data, and deriving insights. “It is easy to build powerful software but it is very hard to make powerful software easy,” points out Burton. “That is what we have done and why we are so different.”

Nintex has a strong network of partners delivering integrated workflow solutions depending on the needs of their customers—business users, developers, and IT professionals. Offering seamless workflow integration with products such as Nintex Forms and Workflow designer for Office 365, the firm helps enterprises meet the challenge of operating in a highly complex and information-rich workplace. In one instance, a Switzerland-based pharmaceutical firm automated its travel request process with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms. The company eventually sped their travel approvals by 85 percent while avoiding delays and inaccurate data.

Moving ahead, Nintex has plans to introduce a number of new cloud solutions for their workflow automation platform along with integrated capabilities to deliver Workflow as a Service—Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Hawkeye, and Nintex Xchange. The company intends to build powerful software and deliver cloud-based services to automate a wide range of processes and connect workers to the content they require, irrespective of their location. “In today’s ever-changing business environment, people need easy-to-use workflow apps that give them flexibility and choice,” delineates Burton. “We’re on a mission to improve how people work by empowering them to define the way they want to work.”


Bellevue, WA

John Burton, CEO

Delivers integrated workflow solutions, from simple to complex, that perfectly address the needs of business users, developers, and IT professionals