Igloo Software: Engaging with a Distributed Workforce

Dan Latendre, CEO
Modern enterprises with highly distributed workforces rely on collaborative systems and approaches for integrated work environments to drive productivity. Today, social collaboration capabilities are essential to improve information and knowledge management as they serve as the prime engagement channel for employees, members, partners, and customers to share data, increase agility, and continually innovate. The complexities around knowledge management emerges as a result of more organizations adopting practices like bring your own application (BYOA) and bring your own device (BYOD) where data is spread across various applications. The ON, Canada based company, Igloo Software fills in these gaps by providing intranet solutions to help businesses connect their dispersed systems into a single platform and accumulate data in a meaningful way.

The company’s social workflow solution provides efficient collaborative tools to enable centralized access to information and expertise so that the employees in their customers’ organization are able to totally engage in the workflow system. The solution gives customers the flexibility to invite any number of employees to help a user accomplish a task and assign different work and tasks to appropriate individuals.

Furthermore, the solution places the control of the entire workflow in the hands of a working team and facilitates approval moderations and assignments. “We have pre-built templates that are ready to be implemented, can be modified as well as configured to meet the specific business needs of a particular organization and department of work,” says Dan Latendre, CEO, Igloo Software. This avoids re-investments in developing new platforms and solutions by the clients. The solution provides insights into entire task lists, job descriptions, and project details and follows work activities of the employees, simple or complex.

In addition, Igloo’s collection of tools facilitates collaboration across scattered teams, departments, and devices—mobile or desktop— to help create specific areas called team spaces, via a reusable template with specific navigation and access rights.

With every implementation, the company assigns a team to work with different groups within organizations to solve their specific challenges

This enables working teams to gather data in a single platform to create productive committees or clubs. “The solution has a built-in people directory where knowledge, skills and abilities are displayed, along with online forms for FAQ’s, calendaring for scheduling meetings, and notifications every time new content is added,” states Latendre.

The company has helped many large organizations to effectively improve the way people communicate and share knowledge, increasing business revenue. For instance, Golin, a leading digital media company with employees working in different offices with different teams and in different areas of expertise, approached Igloo for the impressive functionality of its solutions. In the client’s organization, each individual were assigned tasks everyday and given independent views when logging into their systems based on work location, as well as their team’s current project. They needed a dynamic platform which could help them collaborate and connect employees across different projects in order to drive productivity and deliver projects to their customers on time. By deploying Igloo’s intranet solution, Golin was capable of quickly and easily collaborating with their workforce. This resulted in finishing more projects on time within the customer’s budget and specifications.

Forging ahead, Igloo is partnering with Microsoft and Google to offer a more collaborative and productive experience, and will also be launching new O365 integrations for seamless file and data management. “We are rapidly adding new partnerships and we have a special team in place to build and nurture them,” concludes the CEO.

Igloo Software

Ontario, Canada

Dan Latendre, CEO

Provider of collaborative workflow platforms and services

Igloo Software