TrackVia: Eliminating Paper and Spreadsheets with Modern Web and Mobile Workflow Software

Modern CIOs continuously seek solutions to their workflow management needs that produce immediately results. Unfortunately, most enterprise-grade software solutions take months or even years to implement. Moreover, these solutions are often difficult to get end users to adopt. Many organizations default to using paper or spreadsheets to track workflows, processes or projects. Addressing sophisticated workflows for asset tracking, quality control or lean process management through spreadsheets can be cumbersome. It requires constantly asking employees to update their status, then combining updates to build reports, and emailing them for management review. The process can be manual and time consuming, and isn’t exactly an example for agile workflow management—this is where TrackVia comes into the picture. The Denver, CO based company offers an enterprise workflow software platform where users design solutions in a fraction of the time with drag-and-drop ease. Many users pull in spreadsheets they’re already using, and in seconds they’re transformed into a secure online application that includes a native mobile app component. “For many organizations, a gap exists between simple spreadsheets and powerful BPM solutions. TrackVia fills that gap by providing the speed and ease of a spreadsheet with the power, automation, and reporting capabilities of an enterprise-grade solution,” remarks Pete Khanna, CEO of TrackVia. “Apps built using TrackVia provide native mobile capabilities with no additional work, are fully customizable and easily integrate into virtually any corporate system with point-and-click ease.”

TrackVia’s robust workflow solution offers powerful real-time reports and dashboards, as well as custom forms for easy data collection. Users can also streamline work by triggering notifications that initiate the next step in a process. TrackVia also eliminates the hassle of pulling data together for reporting with real-time, live data. “TrackVia completely eliminates any guesswork out of your critical workflow or manufacturing metrics,” says Khanna. “This means that users know exactly what’s going on in their business at any given minute, on any given day.”
Pete Khanna, CEO
What sets TrackVia apart from other BPM solutions is its built-in native mobile app capabilities. Instead of hiring a developer to build a separate mobile app, it’s included. An operations manager can build a workflow app for quality control. Field workers can then access or enter data into that application on any iOS or Android device. “We’ve made mobile a seamless part of the workflow solution and not a separate or stand-alone component,” says Khanna. Mobile users can capture photos, scan barcodes, geo-tag records and more. TrackVia realizes that no workflow system can operate on an island and integration into existing systems is critical. “We offer instant connectors to over 400 SaaS applications, and offer a robust API to seamlessly connect TrackVia workflow solutions into virtually any corporate system,” says Khanna.

TrackVia’s speed to solution and mobility have garnered a large customer base across every industry, particularly in manufacturing. The North Face, Lockheed Martin, GE and DIRECTV are just a few of TrackVia’s customers. Navistar, the global manufacturer of industrial-grade trucks, implemented TrackVia to streamline internal processes for everything ranging from vendor management to quality control. “Navistar estimates TrackVia saves them 1,000 hours monthly through increased productivity and efficiency,” says Khanna.

Going forward, TrackVia is laser focused on two key areas: Mobile and Collaboration. “We’re developing several game-changing features and capabilities that will empower our users to further streamline work management,” concludes Khanna.


Denver, CO

Pete Khanna, CEO

Offers a do-it-yourself application platform that gives users the power to build custom applications with no programming required, and at a fraction of the cost of heavier enterprise applications.