SpringCM: Leveraging Product Efficiency through BPM Solution

Greg Buchholz, Founder and CEO
Major investments in Big Data and data analytics are helping companies to make better business decisions today. But, there are tons of business processes that follow these decisions. Though companies have made investments in areas like CRM and marketing automation, they have often overlooked these business processes. Very few of them realize that by addressing the document side—an underserved side of the business process, they can witness tremendous improvements in time saving and productivity. This is where SpringCM comes into the picture.

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, SpringCM is an enterprise content management organization offering cloud contract and document management, and workflow solutions for businesses. “Most of the cloud companies today are data-driven cloud technologies and not unstructured document technology. Very few have integrated workflow automations related to contracts, compliance, HR records, applications, and documentation for on boarding channel partners,” explains Greg Buchholz, Founder and CEO. SpringCM delivers affordable, easy-to-deploy document management and workflow solutions in a completely Web-based environment. With its versatile document management and workflow solutions, SpringCM enables organizations to address their most critical enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) challenges. SpringCM’s BPM solution assists clients in document creation, document preview, document exchanges for approval and signature, viewing the document history, and document search.

With the majority of the company’s customers being Salesforce customers, SpringCM has built four major applications: File ItTM for Document Management, Get ItTM for Marketing Collateral, Manage ItTM for Contracts and Track ItTM for Deal Visibility. SpringCM applications are built to leverage full advantages of the cloud–with no infrastructure or maintenance costs, agile development, fast deployments, and unparalleled business agility.
Using SpringCM apps for desktop, web and all mobile platforms, clients can access the content from anywhere, whenever they require. With advanced conflict resolution, versioning and metadata, SpringCM teams collaborate and are productive in managing the entire Contract Lifecycle including proposals, quotes and contracts through the close of the deal. “Right from iPhone/iPad, Android phone, Mac Finder or Microsoft explorer, SpringCM users could take advantage of our document driven platform and initiate powerful workflows,” asserts Buchholz.

In an insightful example, SpringCM benefitted ThermoFisher, a $10 billion global leader in manufacturing and distribution of laboratory equipment with speedy configurable process, enabling the line of business to make system changes without chartering an IT project. The firm was struggling with approval process across eight functional areas including 25 steps which would take up to six weeks. SpringCM enhanced their workflow to provide visibility and timely review/approval processing. It gave the client a centralized location to get the work done, which eventually resulted in faster time to market. In another example, NCR, a global leader in point-of-sale self check out and ATM technology took aid from SpringCM to standardize and streamline global contracting and partner on boarding experience. For the client, SpringCM reduced the time from required to onboard a new partner for channel operation and contract management solution from three weeks to three days.

In SpringCM’s July Release of Track It™ for Deal Visibility, sales teams working in the field will have real time visibility into a contract’s status on Salesforce1. And in the coming years, SpringCM plans to continue working with cutting-edge technology companies, helping them to resolve crucial business issues. “Whether it’s a company of 100 people solving their contract process, or a Fortune 50 company, we’re scalable and could work with anyone,” concludes Buchholz.


Chicago, IL

Greg Buchholz, Founder and CEO

SpringCM is a secure content cloud platform that manages documents, contracts and all types of content for fast-growing businesses.