PerfectForms: Automating Forms and Workflow Processes Cost Effectively

Paula Selvidge, President and CEO
“PerfectForms helps organizations reduce the time, effort, and money required to report on mission-critical business activities by enabling users to build browser-based forms and workflow applications without writing any code,” says President and CEO Paula Selvidge, describing the company’s value proposition. “The main business problem we solve is reducing reliance on IT departments by empowering the users to meet their own application needs.” PerfectForms’ easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) application allows individuals without a technical background to create custom online forms and workflow applications, which a user can readily optimize to suit their unique needs and utilize across an organization.

“In a workflow, tasks typically touch multiple departments,” elaborates Selvidge, citing the employee onboarding process as a prime example. “Human resources may initiate the process but it can touch Finance, it can touch IT, and it can touch multiple areas of HR. Our workflow software not only minimizes manual errors but provides visibility from a reporting standpoint so a user can identify bottlenecks, thereby helping to ensure that tasks are being completed in a timely manner.”

PerfectForms not only simplifies data collection and streamlines the workflow process, but it also allows customers to integrate that data with legacy systems. “We initially focused primarily on online form solutions,” says Selvidge, recalling the company’s earliest days in 2008, “but then expanded to cover more complex workflow and business process automation use cases, including integration with disparate legacy systems and databases. PerfectForms offers open API and Web services to make it easy to share data and integrate across systems.”
Today, PerfectForms serves more than 200,000 customers—with education, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial institutions its key verticals—and counts Fortune 100 companies among its clients. In fact, a healthcare service provider recently used PerfectForms to digitize more than 30 forms and processes (including all of those in its HR department), enabling a more efficient workflow and providing a clear audit trail for each process, vital functionality for any large organization.

According to Selvidge, PerfectForms differentiates itself from its competition in two primary ways. “First, our competitors have limited options in terms of the ability to customize the ‘look and feel’ of the user interface, whereas our users can personalize their interfaces to meet their exact specifications.” Better yet, customization is as simple as “drag and drop.”

But perhaps the most telling differentiating factor is PerfectForms’ emphasis on providing top-quality customer service. “We are very responsive and attentive,” emphasizes Selvidge. “We listen to our customers and do our best to be nimble and deliver solutions that accommodate their unique needs. We also have a large team that monitors support channels—myself included—and we always react quickly to customer concerns.”

Our workflow software ensures visibility from a reporting standpoint so a user can identify bottlenecks or any issues in the process that need to be addressed


Carlsbad, CA

Paula Selvidge, President and CEO

Provides a platform to build online forms, workflow applications and reports without coding.