Junxure: Technological Integrations for Workflow Automation

Greg Friedman, President
With the tremendous growth in workflow automation management, companies have been implementing new tools to harness the anticipated efficiencies. “We call them‘action sequences’ to describe how various business processes in wealth management could be automated. This is where Junxure comes in,” said Greg Friedman, President, Junxure. However, as many advisors have not taken the time to learn all of these capabilities, there is a lack of adoption in the industry. “One of the biggest movements in advisor technology, over the last several years has been integration of various systems to efficiently pass data back and forth between them to eliminate manual entries and reduce errors,” he adds.“The promise of these operational efficiencies will spur more and more advisors to jump onboard.”

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Junxure offers a platform for CRM technology, consulting, training, and events designed specifically for advisors. “We have had tremendous enhancements in workflow tools and have coined the term ‘action sequences’ to describe how various business processes in wealth management could be automated through Junxure,” says Friedman.The big industry players, such as the custodians, see technology integration as a powerful way to help advisors and themselves become more efficient, so they are leading large implementations of technology integrations.Junxure Cloud brings the best of functionality to a cloud environment. Here the advisors don’t need to have servers in their offices or maintain desktop systems. Also, the company’s ‘Client View Live’ provides advisors a way to work directly online with their clients, sharing information, reporting and managing service requests. “Our platforms are meant to set up advisors to be able to work on their mobile devices anywhere and anytime so they can always stay connected to their clients’ information,” explains Friedman.

Highlighting a case study of how advisors are taking advantage of Junxure’s integrations is Rehmann Financial, a large advisory firm in the mid-west. Rehmann used Junxure integrated with their document management system, Laserfiche, to create a straight through process of account opening.
As the organization has multiple offices, they needed a way to centrally manage their compliance reviews. Junxure served as the source for the client data, combining with workflow automation. The automated process seamlessly created new client records in Laserfiche, routed those records to the compliance officer for review and approvals and then notified the back office that a ‘new account has been opened’. “Being fully-automated, the end-to-end process saved Rehmann time and money,” points out Friedman.

“Our clients know that the features and functionality in Junxure are purpose-built for them. When you buy Junxure, you don’t just get a software platform, you also get the service and support that advisors need from an experienced and professional staff to make sure their technology investment is maximized,” says Friedman.

Over the years, Junxure has made several integrations with all of the leading asset custodians such as Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and Pershing.Currently, “we are having tremendous success with the recent launch of our Junxure Cloud API,which facilitates deep and rich integrations with other systems and custodians, making Junxure Cloud even more valuable to advisors.”

In the future, the company plans to deploy more features and functionalities, so that advisors can enhance the client experience they provide to their clients. With the emergence of new, online Robo-advisors, traditional human advisors will need to upgrade themselves in order to compete with the low cost platforms. “We look forward to new developments that will level the playing field for advisors and are also planning to expand our dashboards to help with managing and building successful firms,” concludes Friedman.

Our platforms are meant to set up advisors to be able to work on their mobile devices anywhere and anytime


Raleigh, NC

Greg Friedman, President

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