Appian: Integrating Work Automation, Data Management and Native Mobility

Matt Calkins, Cahirman and CEO
In today’s competitive business world, companies need to make fast and firm decisions and implement them swiftly. “Industries need software applications that are powerful and flexible enough to constantly re-invent work processes, while preserving the unique competitive advantages of the organization,” asserts Matt Calkins, Chairman and CEO, Appian. Appian’s team of experts have devised a better and faster way to deliver innovative business applications that improve decision-making, mobilize key data and processes, and unite business and IT in driving bottom-line performance. Headquartered in Reston, VA, Appian delivers Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management software which uses performance metrics and task management to increase worker productivity.

Appian delivers an application platform that unites users with everything they need to do their jobs better – the data, processes, documents and collaborations – in one environment, on any device, through a simple social interface. “Based on the flexibility of on-premise and cloud portability of Appian, industries can always address unique challenges. With Appian, organizations can rapidly build, deploy and scale problem-solving apps,” exclaims Calkins. Unifying processes, data, systems and apps to make an organization agile is where the solution catalogue of Appian Enterprise Application Platform comes to the fore.

The firm’s prime offerings include designing, execution, managing and optimizing industry workflow with Business Process Management. It also helps a company to manage client interaction and case studies investigation. The company automates and streamlines all adaptive core processes of an industry workflow. “We help organizations build, launch, use, and change best-of-breed applications that are not only easy to use but are natively mobile. These applications unify processes, data, systems and other software and can be deployed across different platforms that power PCs to Smartphones,” says Calkins.
By modifying complexity in a simpler way and embracing mobility, Appian accelerates the growth of a company and enhance customer service.

With its range of solutions, Appian, finds traction across various industries like Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and many more. It provides an end-to-end operating system and showcases a platform that has a manifesto which includes a BPM suite and solutions and boosts the performance coherence of a company. For instance, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) was having trouble in managing back office operations with physical shipment and paper-based processes. They installed 18 process applications across the airport on the Appian cloud platform and within six months DFW was able to connect over 2,000 employees with data and social collaboration.

Appian has also built a strong client base and partnership network with their solutions in the last decade. Francisco Dsouza, CIO of Cognizant, a leading provider of information technology and consulting says, “Appian has extended its work platform beyond core BPM, delivering greater business value to our joint clients. Through partnership with Appian, Cognizant helps clients to increase their operational agility and create more innovative digital business capabilities that dramatically enhance their competitive position.”With more than 3.5 million users worldwide, Appian’s client base is only growing exponentially. Moving forward Appian aims to provide solutions to the manufacturing industry. “Our skilled people, comprehensive Business Process Management software and service offerings, along with Appian’s Academy training will deliver everything a client needs for success in every phase of a BPM program,” concludes Calkins.

With Appian, organizations can rapidly build, deploy and scale problem-solving apps


Reston, VA

Matt Calkins, Cahirman and CEO

Market leader in modern Business Process Management and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) applications, providing organizations across the globe with the solutions needed to transform business.

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