EasyVista: The Real Story Behind Unification and Consumerization of Workflow Solutions

“The questions I most commonly get from customers isn’t ‘should I deploy an enterprise-wide unified self-service portal’. It’s ‘which of the half-dozen that I already own do I use?’ The one that came with my HR application? My Sharepoint deployment? How about the one that came with SAP or my recently completed Identity Management roll-out?’ To answer these question you need to shift your focus to enterprise services rather than business functions or even applications,” says Kevin Coppins, General Manager Americas, EasyVista. However, the big challenge lies in organizations being able to identify and segregate discrete business services across those functions and provide those services into a common interface targeted toward end-users. Adding to the complexity, enterprise IT is undergoing a metamorphoses, shedding an inside-out perspective for an outside-in operational view. This is due to the new millennial workforce demanding to work as they wish with personal devices, apps, and networks.

EasyVista, a global company, regionally based in New York, NY, is helping CIOs to realize the dream of having a single, unified workflow solution that offers easy-to-use technology like mobile apps which they can connect with immediately. “CIOs are now living in a world driven by the consumerization of IT, blurring the line between corporate and personal technology for enhanced flexibility and end-user experience. At EasyVista, we help the modern CIO to become the ‘Chief Service Provider’ that today’s organizations require. Our solutions empower end-users, while allowing IT to maintain necessary controls,” claims Coppins. Also, the company’s EasyVista Service AppStore helps enterprises build their own workflow applications, leaving IT to ensure that availability, security, interoperability and compliance requirements are enforced and maintained.

At EasyVista, we help modern CIOs to become the “Chief Service Provider” that modern organizations require

EasyVista Service AppStore offers IT the flexibility necessary to deliver services to each and every customer in a way that resonates with them. Whether the users want their workflow software to interface with existing third party systems such as ERP, HR, and CRM, or even custom-built, in-house portals and applications, EasyVista Service Apps can unify all the enterprise services into a single, simple user interface.
Kevin Coppins, General Manager Americas
“It even allows business departments to build or modify their applications based on patterns delivered out-of-the-box by EasyVista or the IT department,” says Coppins.

EasyVista Service AppStore is the only consumerized enterprise service management platform that allows organizations to design and build service workflows with zero coding. “After all, services change and enterprises need simple, but robust platforms allow response and agility without needing an army of programmers to make it happen,” he adds.

For instance, consider an enterprise that has just completed a massive roll out of comprehensive “self-service” HR provisioning applications, only to find out that there is a new regulatory requirement that must be added to the current processes. “Does this bring the whole project to a halt due to restarting it from the ground-up again and bringing on a team of developers to make the change? Not if you have the drag-and-drop simplicity of EasyVista solutions,” extols Coppins. The company’s Service App Store not only saves enterprises the fortune that they would spend on developers writing new code, it also enables the HR department to make the needed changes on their own, without requiring IT to get involved.

EasyVista serves customers in banking, insurance, higher education, healthcare, media, government and professional services. The company has a direct presence around the world with offices in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal. EasyVista is committed to first defining, then delivering successful customer deployments, which then continue long after the initial engagement. They are aggressively adding to their team of passionate professionals in all functions across North America and Europe who are focused on helping modern IT professionals transform into enterprise service leaders – from “CIO” to “CSP”. “Our priority is focusing on staffing for individual customer success. This gives us an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and the marketing pressures impacting them in real-time,” concludes Coppins.


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Kevin Coppins, General Manager Americas

EasyVista is a leader in consumerized service management solutions for mid to large-sized enterprises.

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